If You Are Looking for Best range of Fragnatic Perfumes, Then Srushti Sugandh is the Right Place for You.

Srushti Sugandh provides wide range of fragrances like car perfume, body perfume, air fresheners, pocket perfumes, attar, etc. Explore for many more goodies. Enjoy !!!



Natural Smells has been founded in 2005 in Pune by Mr. Rajesh Shah and Mrs. Mona Shah. They have strong experience in fragrance industry. Consistency in hard work has kept them in enviable position of making fragrance product of choice to the customer. The best quality and alcohol free is the speciality of the product.

Natural Smells has its own showroom called “Srushti Sugandh” which stocks a wide range of perfume items. The showroom is located near Shanipar, Pune.