Electric Steel Camphor

175.00 Inc

Add Aroma Oil with Camphor Diffuser to have an Aromatic Experience.



Advantages of burning camphor

  1. Its fragrance is very useful in relieving stress and keeping the mind calm.
  2. It helps in killing all the mosquitoes in your house and keep dengue and malaria at bay.
  3. Purifies the environment around us by driving away all the negative vibes.
  4. It is said that when you burn kapur, you are burning your ego and spreading positivity around.


Advantages of using an electric kapur dani.

  1. Easy to use
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Absolutely no smoke
  4. Fills your room with wonderful fragrance



  1. Insert the plug into the socket
  2. Put a few pieces of kapur on the plate provided
  3. Switch it on
  4. Enjoy the fragrance of the kapur.


DO NOT keep it on for more than 15 min

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