Reed Diffuser

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Reed Diffuser is an easy Effective and safe way to diffuse continuous Fragrance throughout your environment. Eliminating problems of smoke, drippy wax or the anxiety of burning candle.

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How to Use

Put the diffuser oil in the ceramic bottle. Insert the reeds (willow sticks) inside the bottle. Fragrance blooms within few hours, optimizing by 48 hours. After fifteen days please revert the reeds or cut the corners of the reeds for continuous fragrance.

How it works

The aromatic oils are absorbed up through the slender willow reeds and released naturally, enhancing each moment of everyday with splendid fragrance.

Where to use

Enhance the decor of any space you like. Reed Diffuser is grate for those who like “no candle – no burner zone” such as offices, dorms rooms and homes with young children.


Keep out of reach of the children and pets,  Do not contact the fragrance oil with your skin or eyes.

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